7 Strategies for Using Twitter for Business Successfully

Picture by betsyweber

Picture by betsyweber

To remain competitive nowadays, it’s absolutely vital for a business to take advantage of Twitter.

If you’re relatively new to social media (and Twitter specifically) don’t worry, because in this article will be everything you need to know concerning the strategies that need to be taken when using Twitter for business.

Let’s dive in to these 7 strategies.

Step 1: Make Sure your Username is Tailored to your Business

The first absolutely vital (yet pretty obvious) strategy for effective business use of Twitter is to make sure your account name is relevant to your business.

If for some reason you are dissatisfied with the account name that you created when you first signed up, don’t worry – you can easily change your account name by going to your profile settings.

Step 2: Brand your Business Material with your Twitter Username

Following the creation of the absolutely perfect Twitter username for your business, you will now want to begin the process of placing that username in all the places that your customers will see it.

Most social media users love connecting with brands and companies that they love in places other than their actual retail stores.

There’s just something about knowing that your opinion is heard by even business pros. I’ve been tweeted by well known companies like Walmart and Staples before and it made me feel special :)

Making it easy for your customers to do the same will help them to love your brand even more.

Step 3: Place Follow/Tweet Buttons on your Business Website

After you’ve started branding your username on your business material, I’d challenge you to work on placing a twitter “follow” button on your website.

It’s very easy to implement this and twitter offers a very intuitive interface for getting the code to place on your website. Using a follow button will greatly increase the chances that your customers will follow you directly from your site. Why? Because it’s literally just a click away.

So now that we’ve got the basic platform through which you will use Twitter for your business, I’m now going to look at some effective strategies for growth.

Optional Step 4: Use the TeamFollowBack Strategy to Gain Followers Fast

The reason this growth strategy I’m recommending is “optional” is because it has one huge upside, but arguably a few small downsides. The major “upside” is that you can gain a very large amount of followers very fast – they just may not be customers in your target market.

While for an actual company sales-growth strategy this is not effective, it will certainly create the illusion that you are more well-known on Twitter than you actually are. This “psychological trick” can help you to establish yourself on Twitter quicker, and also help to increase the likelihood that your customers will reach out to your business on Twitter.

If you’re interested in learning about this method (it’s what I used to gain 25,000 followers in 2 months) be sure to read this article here.

Step 5: Search out Popular Hashtags in your Industry

A hashtag is Twitter’s way of allowing its users to organize their tweet into a category that other users search for. Using hashtags have the potential to significantly increase the amount of retweets your tweets receive, as well as help to promote your business’ Twitter account to even more.

As such, I’d highly recommend that you use some hashtag analytics’ tools to determine the most effective hashtags to use for your company.

My favorite site for locating the most popular hashtags is Hashtagify.me

This site allows you to enter a keyword — one that is extremely relevant to your business — which it will then use to locate all of the other relevant keywords (or hashtags) that people are using on Twitter in this similar category.

This will save you a good bit of time, and will ensure that the hashtags you are using are actually beneficial to the tweets you’re sending out.

It’s also completely free to use :)

Step 6: Use a Program Like Tweetadder to Find Targeted Followers

Honestly, this is probably one of the most effective strategies to use when using Twitter for business.

TweetAdder is a paid software, but trust me it’s worth it and here’s why:

This automated program makes it incredibly easy to follow people based on specific keywords. This has the potential to connect you with EXACTLY your target audience on Twitter.

Every time you follow someone they will see that you followed them in their Twitter “connect” tab. Often, if the user finds your content relevant they might just follow you back – providing you with a targeted customer who might just start buying your products :)

Step 7: Schedule your Tweets Using HootSuite

While you can schedule your tweets with TweetAdder, I personally use Hootsuite for doing this. In my opinion, they are the leading application for automating your tweets.

Why would you want to automate your tweets? Automating your tweets is close to a must when using Twitter for business. Chances are, you’ll be busy doing other business-oriented things and may not have time for using Twitter as frequently as you’d like. As such, scheduling your tweets will ensure that you’re sending out frequent tweets, as well as at relevant times for your customers.

Hootsuite has a free use of its services as well as a premium use. While you can certainly get by with the free use, if you find yourself wanting to schedule tweets several days in advance you may benefit from premium as I did. I’m able to bulk schedule my tweets using excel for up to 35 days in advance – and that is tweeting 10 times a day (which is a lot as it is).

Currently you can get a free 30 day trial of Hootsuite Premium to test if you like it.

Concluding Thoughts

Using social media and Twitter for your business might seem like a waste of time, but trust me it won’t be. Twitter is such a unique way for both you and your customer to directly interact.

No longer will you have to pay for so many focus groups and opinion studies as your customers will be tweeting everything they like and dislike about you! That might seem nerve wrecking, but don’t let it be.

Having direct access to your customer’s thoughts and opinions will help you to refine and improve your business – destroying your competition and boosting sales all along the way.


  1. says

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for sharing. Social media automation is important and I can’t deny that. Seriously in today’s world, you need social media and we are always busy with life. So, use TweetAdder, HootSuite or Buffer to make life easier.

    Just remember not to over do them. Haha!

    • says

      Hey Reginald! Thanks for the comment man! :)

      And yeah you are definitely right about that “overdoing it” thing haha.

      Most automation tools are great, but they can definitely make it easy to go overboard with social meida as well.

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